We are Brave Ones. Formed in 2017, we are a 4 piece alternative rock/metal band from Somerset, England.


Lead Vocals

You can either catch Charlie on stage, At the bar, in the crowd or telling shite jokes to other bands but mostly you will see him on stage singing for brave ones. He has always loved heavier music so grafting on stage and doing this is a dream especially when he gets to stomp his feet during a tasty breakdown.


Charlie was brought up on pop punk and metal core and he thinks the band have managed to slide both these genres into their music which is the reason this venture has been awesome to him


He’s been singing since he was a little Sprout and will continue until the kid is old and ready to be thrown in the bin!



Thomas Waters is a guitarist from Somerset. Playing guitar for over 15 years and having weekly lessons for the last 9, he combines Pop Punk, Metalcore and Nu Metal influences from the mid 2000’s (Yes, he’s old!) to create a heavy yet catchy style of playing guitar. He also produces music at home, recording all the demos and doing pre production for Brave Ones songs and many side projects ranging from Mid Emo to Metal.


A few of his highlights playing with Braves Ones are opening shows for Hed Pe and Eyes Set to Kill, both bands he grew up listening to. He’s now performed over 50 shows in the last 2-3 years with Brave Ones and recently a very successful headline show.



Even we don’t know who he is.